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  • Laxman Kumar Behera

    Research Fellow
    +91 11 2671 7983

    As a member of IDSA’s Defence Economics and Industry Centre, Dr. Behera undertakes policy-relevant research pertaining to various economic aspects of Indian defence. He was closely associated with two high-level committees set up by the Indian Ministry of Defence on Defence Acquisition Reforms and Defence Expenditure Review. He was also the consultant to the Task Force on Self-Reliance and Defence Modernisation constituted by the National Security Council Secretariat, Government of India.

    Other Publications

    Select Publications

    • The new enabling provision in GFR-2017 provides the MoD a chance to amend its own procurement document and include a provision of production reservation and price preference for domestic industry.

      May 22, 2017
      IDSA Strategic Comments
    • While certain changes in the format of the defence Demand for Grants have brought even more complexity to the task of estimating India’s official defence budget, the fact remains that there has only been a meagre increase of 5 per cent which is grossly inadequate to keep the Armed Forces in fighting form.

      February 03, 2017
      Issue Brief
    • The BEML model of disinvestment needs to be applied to the rest of the Defence Public Sector Undertakings as well as Ordnance Factories.

      January 20, 2017
      IDSA Strategic Comments
    • It is rare that a foreign company makes a huge investment to produce major platforms in a third country with a view to make that country an export hub.

      June 22, 2016
      IDSA Strategic Comments
      • Publisher: Pentagon Press

      This book thoroughly probes the Indian Defence industry and the policies pertaining to it. Based on hard core evidence, it identifies the key shortcomings of this vital sector and provides a detailed roadmap for the Modi government’s ambitious ‘Make in India’ programme to succeed in defence production sector. Though written with a clear focus on influencing policy making, the book is presented in an accessible format to be easily understood by the wider strategic community.

    • The Task Force has not extended the principle of Strategic Partnership to the whole gamut of big contracts in which the private sector is supposed to play a major role. And it visualises strategic partners as poor cousins of state-owned entities.

      April 26, 2016
      IDSA Strategic Comments
    • Calculations reveal that the capital expenditure has been cut primarily to accommodate the rise in salary and pension bills arising out of the implementation of OROP scheme and the Seventh Central Pay Commission recommendations.

      March 22, 2016
      IDSA Strategic Comments
    • Research Fellow, IDSA, Dr Laxman Kumar Behera’s article on Defence planning in India, titled ‘Budget 2016: Holistic approach to defence planning is absent in India’ was published in ‘The Economic Times’ on March 5, 2016.

      March 05, 2016
      IDSA News
    • The two heads of expenditure which have witnessed significant growth in the defence budget 2016-17 are the salary component of the armed forces and the defence pensions.

      March 03, 2016
      Issue Brief
    • The article assesses the impact of defence offset policy on the Indian defence industry, by taking into account two key parameters—foreign direct investment (FDI) inflows and exports. It observes that the offset policy has a mixed impact. On the positive side, the offset policy seems to have an impact on certain types of exports. On the negative side, the policy has not been a catalyst in bringing in foreign investment and technology inflows into the Indian defence industry, nor has it been successful in promoting its high-end manufacturing.

      Journal of Defence Studies